Val Voboril's CrossFit Playlist

Courtesy CrossFit Games

Val Voboril may actually be able to do it all. The former gymnast has placed in the top five four times at the CrossFit Games, and swept the SoCal Open and regional competitions in 2014. And she did all that while teaching fourth grade and raising a 4-year-old daughter, who loves to help "coach" her mom by counting out reps. Voboril's secret: laser focus and a keen eye on her priorities.

And, of course, an awesome playlist. She took us down memory lane with her all-time favorite workout songs, spanning from the '80s ("The songs remind me of my dad playing slide guitar when I was a little kid") to "Uptown Funk," which she declares is "great for those AMRAPs!" That's CrossFit code for "as many reps as possible" -- and clearly, she's able to do a lot of 'em. Voboril's full list:

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