Snowboarder Spencer O'Brien's Playlist

Eddie Perlas/ESPN Images

Spencer O'Brien competing in the Women's Snowboard SlopeStyle Final at X Games Aspen 2016.

Spencer O'Brien earned her first X Games gold medal in snowboard slopestyle last week -- besting Jamie Anderson, four-time X Games gold medalist and one of the most decorated snowboarders of all time.

And along the way, the 27-year-old also employed the help of her high-energy playlist -- complete with songs from fellow Canadians Drake and Justin Bieber -- for some extra inspiration.

"In the morning when I'm warming up, I always try to listen to music that's going to get me stoked," O'Brien said at X Games, laughing as she listed Bieber's "Sorry" as a go-to track. "I'm really into him right now. I know I sound like a 12-year-old girl!"

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