Getting to know Yani Tseng

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Yani Tseng turned 23 on Jan. 23, but she turned down advice to party all week.

I believe, outside the golf space, there are not many people who know me, so let me first introduce myself. My name is 曾雅妮.

曾 (Tseng) is my last name (or surname; I prefer it as a surname since in Chinese, we place the surname in front of the given name) and 雅妮 (Ya-Ni) is my given name. In Taiwan, the majority of people have a given name with two Chinese characters, each with meaning to it. When translating into English, we often add a hyphen between two Chinese characters in the given names. For convenience, I use Yani without a hyphen. It's difficult for many of you to pronounce Tseng. Many often pronounce it incorrectly. But it's OK since you will remember me more by this difficult pronunciation. Well, it's more closely pronounced as "Zeng."

I turned 23 last month, on Jan. 23. On that day, a friend of mine told me that when your age coincides with your birth date, you should party the whole week. But I did not because I am working on my game to get better and better.

I come from Taiwan, which is a small island off the southeast shore of China. You probably need a magnifying glass to find it on the map. But it is a beautiful place, and I really want to show the world where I grew up if I have a chance.

My parents both played golf and introduced me to golf when I was 5 years old. They took me to the driving range and I played around at the range and immediately developed an interest in it. When I was 7, my dad asked his friend to teach me. I played my first tournament competition when I was 8. I remember I shot around 125. I also remember I stayed in the bunker for quite a long time because I couldn't hit the ball out, and I cried. But I did not give up and eventually got the ball out. It was probably the most memorable experience during that period.

I am 5-foot-6, an average height. I like this height because before I became the world No. 1, I checked Annika Sorenstam and Lorena Ochoa's bios. They are both 5-6. Since then, I felt I also had an opportunity to be the world No. 1. Ha, ha!

I have a fearless but neutral personality. I cried often when I got frustrated but laughed more often when I was happy. I love various sports, including basketball, tennis and billiards. But I cannot quite swim. I'm afraid of water. It's hard for me to relax in the swimming pool, but I do shower :). So I am still learning how to swim at my Lake Nona home.

This is my first blog; I hope you will like it. It's very cool to have opportunities to share my stories and my feelings with all the sports fans. It's going to be fun, and I will try my best. Please provide me with your valuable comments. Via your suggestions, I can improve my blog and grow as a person. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will try my best to give you answers on the blog. Stay tuned!

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