Alexa Kastanek highlights hustle, heart

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Four-star prospect Alexa Kastanek chose Iowa over Colorado, Nebraska and North Carolina State.

Alexa Kastanek is a 5-foot-10 senior wing at Lincoln Southeast (Neb.), the No. 100 prospect in the 2013 class and an Iowa commit. Kastanek shares some of her secrets in this edition of “Meet the Prospects.”

Nickname: Lex or K-stan, was given to me in seventh grade and has stuck with me since. It is my last name with random letters taken out.

Pick a number: I wear jersey No. 23 because it is Michael Jordan’s number and I really look up to him as a player and a person. It is also my sister’s number, and I look up to her as well.

Other than basketball, what is your favorite hobby? Hanging out with my friends and family.

If you could go one-on-one with anyone, who would it be? Maya Moore. She could really teach me a lot about basketball and how to improve my game and what I do, because I know I’m not perfect in any way!

If you had to compare your game to a current college or pro player, who would it be? James Harden. He loves the game and still sees the fun in it. He also has great hustle and heart and is great on defense. I really pride myself on those aspects of my game. His leadership when they are down in games is great as well.

Who is your role model? My mom. She has worked hard for everything she’s ever done and she has never been satisfied with where she is at. She always sets her goals higher and higher, and that’s where I got my drive from. I admire her for what she does and has done for me. My mother has made me the person I am today, and she knows the balance between work, family and fun. She also taught me very early to give all the glory in your life to God because through him all is possible.

What is the most important thing basketball fans should know about you? I will always work hard and run through the wall for my team and the coaches I play for.

What is your favorite basketball moment so far? Meeting all the players through tournaments and all the teams I have played on.

The King and I: LeBron James wishes he could … hit the 3 as well as I can!

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