Azura Stevens appreciates Duke's beauty, proximity

Azura Stevens is a 6-foot-5 junior at Cary (N.C.), the No. 28 prospect in the 2014 class and a Duke commit. Stevens shares some of her secrets in this edition of “Meet the Prospects.”

Nickname: A.Z., which is a shorter way to say my name.

Courtesy of Cary Athletics

Azura Stevens, the No. 28 prospect in the 2014 class, is staying close to home for college.

Pick a number: I wear jersey No. 23 because I wasn’t able to wear No. 30, which is a family tradition.

Close to home: I chose Duke University because it’s the best of both worlds. I will have the support from my family, friends and community. Also, the campus is so beautiful. It’s like a home away from home!

Other than basketball, what is your favorite hobby? I enjoy writing poetry, reading and bike riding.

If you could go one-on-one with anyone, who would it be? I would go one-on-one with Candace Parker because of her unique skill set and her versatility. Playing against her would challenge me to play at the highest level.

If you had to compare your game to a current college or pro player’s, whose would it be? I would compare my game to Kevin Durant because we both can score from many different areas. Offensively, I have the ability to score in the post as well as knock down perimeter jump shots beyond the 3-point line. Defensively, I can change the game with my ability to block shots and rebound.

Who is your role model? My father is my role model because he has shown me by example how to work hard and make logical versus emotional decisions. He also has taught me to enjoy life to the fullest.

What is the most important thing that basketball fans should know about you? That God has blessed me with the talent to play basketball at a very high level and how grateful I am to him for this.

What is your favorite basketball moment so far? Last summer my AAU team competed and won a big tournament in Georgia. We were so overcome with excitement and exhaustion. It was exciting to have to fight through fatigue and persevere to win the championship.

The King and I: LeBron James wishes he could ... block shots as well as I can.

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