Five gadgets geared for a getaway


Turns out you can take it with you. Several workout gadgets are compact and durable enough for your weekend adventure.

Labor Day, the swan song of summer, is almost here. Before the more serious tone of fall sets in, there is still time to get away for the weekend, whether it's for a few days at the beach, an overnight in the mountains or even an urban excursion. No matter where you go, here are a few gadgets that travel like a charm and keep you from ditching your workout while away.

1. TomTom GPS multi-sport watch and heart rate monitor ($249.99)

Ideal for multi-sport athletes, this durable watch delivers running, cycling and swimming metrics all at a glance on its extra-large high-resolution display. Runners can track time, distance and pace while bikers can use a specially designed handlebar mount (optional cadence sensor required) to see stats front and center. Swimmers can use a special sensor to monitor strokes, stroke type, lengths, distance and speed. Its ultra-slim, lightweight design makes it practical to wear -- and to pack.

2. Jabra Sport Wireless+ ($99.99)

This fitness headset pairs with a smartphone or digital music player to pump out your playlist with amazing sound. Bikers and runners will especially appreciate the absence of any cords. The fit clip is an added bonus. Not only is it weather- and sweat-proof, the device also has a built-in FM radio and is military-grade rain-, shock and dust-resistant.

3. Sleek Tone Bands ($19.95)

Your tan may fade, but if you want to show off your summer muscles all year, resistance bands are a no-brainer. While they're low-tech, the beauty of these bands is their pure simplicity -- and portability. Toss them in a tote and then set up your workout area anywhere, Sculpt and stretch arms, legs and core with the set of three bands in light, medium and heavy resistance.

4. Jackery Mini ($24.95)

Running out of battery power is a bummer on any vacation, so pack a portable power source like this space-saving marvel for peace of mind. This one extends the mobile life on your smartphone or other digital device for up to 50 hours -- meaning you won't have to lug a bulky AC adapter to recharge. About the size of a lipstick tube, the Mini weighs less than 3 ounces and easily slips into backpack, purse, pocket or carry-on.

5. Lark Life ($150)

An all-in one, 24/7 exercise, diet and sleep coaching system, this fitness band learns all about you and your habits then coaches with feedback in real time. The core of this accelerometer-based band is a removable center that automatically and continually collects data. Use it in the rubbery band during the day to track activity, calories and meals -- or get a reminder nudge if you've been inactive too long. At night, pop it into a soft fabric sleep band for data tracking while you snooze. Expert tips are then provided by top health authorities, scientists and pro-athlete coaches. Using Bluetooth, Larklife syncs to your phone and its companion app.

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