Fighting our way out of a slump

Cal Sport Media/AP Images

After losing four in a row, Iowa State won at Texas Tech on Jan. 25 and then again at home Saturday against Kansas State.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do,” assistant coach Billy Fennelly told me recently, and it has stuck with me throughout the past few days.

A bad stretch, a losing streak, a slump -- whatever anyone wants to call it -- we realize this has been a tough time for our team. Beginning the season with such an amazing start, a 14-0 record, and hitting a time like now, where we have lost five of our past seven games, has become tough and very personal for our team.

This is when you see true character. We’ve seen the passion, with the losses becoming personal. We’ve also seen the frustration, with heads down when missing shots. But most important, we’ve seen our team chemistry. A simple tap on the back, rallying together, motivating one another, and knowing we have each other’s back has kept us together even stronger.

Our win at Texas Tech on Jan. 25, which halted a four-game losing streak, was a huge victory for our team. As Coach said to us, and in the postgame news conference, nobody back home knows how much that win meant for us moving forward. It brought a fresh sense of energy, motivation, and it brought us together as a team even more.

Saturday, we had a chance to win at home. We were tired of losing, and our passion for the game and for Iowa State basketball had us ready for Kansas State. We were determined to not only get that win but to show our fans what Iowa State ball is all about and what we can really do.

We stood tall, with our heads high and played with “no regrets.” The result was an 84-65 victory.