Meet the 2014 Texas Longhorns

UT Athletics

Taylor Thom, a shortstop from Austin, is one of four senior captains for the Longhorns.

Hello! My name is Taylor Thom. I am a senior shortstop from Austin, Texas. I will be graduating in May with a degree in corporate communications and also a business foundations certificate. I am very excited about getting the opportunity to write to the readers of espnW this season.

We have a wonderful team this year, and I want to take the time to introduce everyone and share some things about each of my teammates.

This year we have four seniors: Brejae Washington, Karina Scott, Mandy Ogle and myself. We are all captains and look forward to leading the team to another great season.

Brejae is a diva. She is very outgoing and has a strong personality. There is never a dull moment with her. Karina Scott is my rock. She is one of the most real people you will meet. She is a great teammate and is always there for each and every one of us.

Mandy is a makeup-and-hair guru. Before every game she is constantly doing everyone’s eye shadow. She is one of the smallest catchers I have ever played with, however, she packs a big punch. Being the smallest on the team never holds her back. She embodies toughness more than anyone I know.

Our junior class consists of Gabby Smith and Marlee Gabaldon. Gabby is one of the most dedicated and committed softball players I have ever met. Her drive and love for the game is admirable. Marlee is one of the funniest people you will meet. She is shy at first, but once you get to know her, she will talk your head off. One thing about Marlee is that she loves Beyonce.

Next up is our sophomore class. When they first stepped on the Forty Acre, we were all overwhelmed because there were six of them. However, they ended up being one of the most mature classes for such a young age. Their willingness to learn and desire to be great in every aspect had a large part of our success last year.

Rachel Scott is the All-American girl. She is one of the brightest, sweetest, hard-working women that I have had the opportunity of being around. Erin Shireman is an aerospace engineering major, and I know that one day she will be flying a team into space. Lindsey Stephens is a time management queen. Her first semester she excelled in softball and in the classroom, achieving a 4.0 GPA.

Holly Kern is a goofy, fun girl to be around. Stephanie Ceo is mature beyond her years. One day she wants to be a coach, and I know she will make a great one. Our last sophomore is Taylor King. TK is unique because not only does she balance softball and school, she also is in the ROTC.

Last but not least are our seven freshmen. Lauren Slatten is a pitcher and a great competitor. Her mentality and eagerness to compete on the mound will help her be very successful during her career at Texas. Mickenzi Krpec came in very shy but has finally come out of her shell and is a good time to be around. Taylor McAllister and Kelli Hanzel are both comedians. Kelli has a dry sense of humor but always keeps everyone laughing, whether it’s her jokes or her dance moves.

Tiarra Davis is the sweet country girl with a deep East Texas accent. Devon Tunning is a stud. She has a quiet confidence about her that will help her be successful throughout our season. Last is Stephanie Wong. Stephanie is another one who doesn’t say much, however, when you get her out of the softball environment and just hanging out, she surprises us all.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some things about my teammates.

Until next time.