#AskTobin: Heath answers your questions

Russ Isabella/US Presswire

You asked U.S. midfielder Tobin Heath questions via Twitter, and she answered. She weighs in on superstitions, card games and staying motivated ahead of the London Olympics:

ALEXIS ‏@alexist_20: @espnW @TobinHeath #AskTobin Does she have any superstitions?

Heath: Nah, I'm too disorganized to have any superstitions.

Melissa ‏@melsoc16: @espnW who is the most competitive player on the uswnt? #AskTobin

Heath: Everyone is super-competitive. That's probably one of the reasons why we are the best in the world.

Mellllly :) ‏@melsoc16: @espnW what is your favorite thing to do in your down time at the olympics? #AskTobin

Heath: Go on random adventures.

Karie ‏@KarieMikel: @ESPNW @TobinHeath Do you have any other favorite games (card or board) besides Monopoly Deal? #AskTobin

Heath: Nope. Some girls on the team have started an Uno club. I haven't gotten the call-up.

Bobby Johnson ‏@BobbyJohnson22: @espnW who's your biggest competitor on the #uswnt in the game monopoly deal?! #asktobin

Heath: Probably Alex Morgan. She's legit.

Grace Cunningham ‏@GraceEliCunning: How do you keep yourself encouraged and motivated on the not-so-great days? #AskTobin @TobinHeath @espnW

Heath: Read the Word, play soccer, pray with friends.

Angie Johnson ‏@USAalltheway17: @espnW @TobinHeath #AskTobin How do you constantly smile?

Heath: I'm making up for the three years I didn't smile when I had braces.

Jahira Serrano ‏@jysy10_Soccer: @espnW @TobinHeath best part of being a member of the #USWNT??? ... #goodluckoverthere #AskTobin

Heath: Getting to play soccer and hang out with friends for a living.