Ted has inspired us forever

California/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The loss of Cal football player Ted Agu has weighed heavily on Mikayla Lyles and the women's basketball team.

These past two weeks have been filled with more questions than answers -- too many starting in “why” and not enough ending in “because.” It’s a hard concept to grasp, knowing that with some instances in life, answers don’t exist. For someone who believes so strongly in the saying “Everything happens for a reason,” it’s hard accepting that not every reason comes with a do-over.

Often we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget about the moment. The essence of life. The moments that turn into memories. The memories that turn into feelings. I read somewhere that “People remember the way you make them feel.” Depending on your surrounding party, ordinary can easily become extraordinary. This concept rings true for any instance in life, but especially sport.

Nearly two weeks ago, my team and I lost a dear friend, Ted Agu, Cal football player, premed student, peer adviser and much more. He was an incredible man. He never asked for anything, he smiled through everything and the excitement and passion he showed for life was contagious.

Ted taught us that sport provides two opportunities more than anything: the ability to experience the power of human connection and to see the bigger picture.

What Ted was able to do in his 21 years transcended sport; he understood more than any of us what it was all about. He demonstrated that sport wasn’t about the mere act of competing; it was about whom you were competing with and whom you were competing for. To win was a casual bonus.

At the end of the day, if you could say that the people you practiced with, trained with, ate with, traveled with and lost with were the ones that turned the experience from ordinary to simply extraordinary, then you were understanding sport in its purest form. You were understanding that sport was way bigger than just the numbers.

Ted Agu has forever rejuvenated the love in all of us. He has inspired us all to hold onto our memories a little tighter and to feel our moments a little stronger. Sport for all of us will be looked upon a little differently thanks to Ted.

The Cal community and Cal women’s basketball team will forever honor his name with love, appreciation, respect and a zest for life. Here is to you, Ted. Rest in paradise. TEDAGU#35.