Pregnancy pains and gains

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Sarah Fisher and her husband have picked a name for their son, but are keeping it secret until the big day.

The entire process of carrying our baby boy hasn't been smooth sailing, but now that I am midway through the second trimester, I feel informed about what's happening, knowing we are much further into the clear at this point. I am less stressed than I was at the beginning, and now I'm concerned about the timing and hope that everyone is healthy in June!

I've had to adapt what I put in my body during the pregnancy. The biggest noticeable adaptation is taking away caffeine. I've always liked that extra boost to give me that next jump-start into the day. But I will say eliminating caffeine has the bonus of making for a more energy-even day. But the cold-turkey cutoff takes some time to get used to. I also eat a lot healthier when I am pregnant. It's not forced, but I do notice that greasy, processed foods don't seem appealing. So, in that respect, I'm lucky for the benefit.

Courtesy of Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher won't be spending as much time at the track this season, but her team will know where to find her when a big decision has to be made.

I'm just excited to see peanut in a few months. It's hard to pin down the best part about being a mother. As they grow, there are so many stages to enjoy and experience. At 2 years old, Zoey has developed into this little personality that just impresses me every day. Putting her to bed and seeing that look in her eyes when she touches my face are special moments that I'll never forget.

I'm delighted to be blessed with both a girl and a boy. You always hear the positives and negatives of both, but now I will be able to experience both firsthand. I've heard lots of stories about little boys being so different than girls, so I'll just have to wait and see. Andy and I have picked out a name, but we are keeping it quiet until the big day!

The offseason has flown by, and I can't wait to see the car out on track for our first IndyCar race at St. Petersburg next month. This season has been tough to prepare for from many perspectives, which is why I know it will be rewarding all around.

I don't think I'll spend as much "downtime" at the track this year. During most of my career outside the cockpit, I've spent as much time at the track as humanly possible. But we have great people at SFHR who know how to jump-start the weekend and in most cases don't need my guidance. No matter where I am, when they look for my leadership decisions, they know I'll be there. Either way, being pregnant the first time around was great at the track. You'd be surprised how many golf cart rides get offered when a big preggo is rolling through the paddock!