We know how to have fun

Florida State Athletics

The FSU softball team got decked out in camouflage for a hunting-themed travel day.

There is no shortage of fun on this team, and our ability to laugh and joke with each other has kept our family bonded throughout this year. As we dive deeper into the season, we often talk about our goals and how we plan to get to Oklahoma City.

World Series teams have always set themselves apart from the rest of the country. Not only do they play at a high caliber, but they also have something special, something that no one can quite put their finger on but they know it’s there. Our something special is the way we interact as a family and just flat-out enjoy our time together.

We wanted to show our fans and anyone else who watches us that we know how to have fun, and with the help of our sports psychologist, Brian Cain, we’ve added quite a few silly game-day staples to our repertoire. In between innings we’ve started to perform little skits to liven up the atmosphere at JoAnne Graf Field. For example, one of the funniest so far has been a mock fashion show. A few of our players lie down on either side of our model, freshman Corey Hendrickson, to create the catwalk. While Corey was walking down “the runway,” freshman infielder Ryann Day pretended to be a photographer trying to get the perfect shot.

Unfortunately for Ryann, as she tried to get the right angle for the photo, she tripped over her shoelaces and fell. Ryann is now in the lead for this year’s sniper award. What is the sniper award? It is the trophy awarded to the player who has the worst wipeout of the year. We’ve had quite a few spills so far, but Ryann is holding onto the lead for now.

Another fun activity that we have implemented is themed travel day. Last week we were on the hunt for wins against Auburn, Houston, Purdue and Alabama, so the coaches chose a hunting-themed travel day. Decked out in camouflage and blaze-orange attire, we set out on our bus ride to Auburn, Ala. As we stopped for lunch, our gear turned quite a few heads. Craig Snider, our assistant coach, actually told someone we were the Florida State opossum-hunting club, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they believed it.

Our hunting gear got us ready to spear the Tigers, and by the time the game started we were ready to start our road trip off with a bang. A couple of great defensive plays and perfectly executed situational hitting helped us put away Auburn, 5-4.

The next morning we headed to Tuscaloosa, and the weekend would prove to be a memorable one. On opening day of the tournament we were firing on all cylinders against Houston and came out with a 7-1 win. Our next game against Purdue was a pitcher’s duel, but redshirt freshman Jessica Burroughs and redshirt senior Jessica Nori combined for a great effort in the circle that led us to a 2-1 win.

After another win against Purdue we were more than ready to face another Top 15 team, and it would prove to be a memorable game. We had the bases loaded on multiple occasions, but came up short, losing 1-0 to Alabama. We didn’t hang our heads, for we knew we’d get another chance to prove ourselves, and we did, coming back Sunday with a 5-1 win.

Playing in front of thousands of fans that weren’t on our side was a great experience for us. We learned how to deal with pressure situations and how to perform when it seems like everyone is cheering against you, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team for what we accomplished this weekend.

To finish off the fun we celebrated with great food in Tuscaloosa, but the real shenanigans came on the bus ride back to Tallahassee. Out of the six hours we spent on the bus, the coaches, staff members and a couple of players played Ellen DeGeneres’ charades game “Heads Up” for five and a half hours. The bus was roaring with laughter the whole ride home, and I think it’s safe to say none of us can wait for our next road trip.