Trip to California fun but long

Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

While in San Diego, the Tennessee softball team visited the Olympic Training Center.

The Lady Vols softball team recently returned from a 10-day trip to California, and I think we would all agree it was the longest 10-day road trip of our lives. The first three days were spent in Cathedral City, where we faced Nebraska, Oregon State, Stanford and Fresno State. That Monday we drove to Fullerton, where stayed for two days. To finish out the road trip, we headed so San Diego, which is the home of our very own Hannah Akamine. While In San Diego, we played BYU and San Diego State.

In the middle of all the traveling, working out, practicing and playing softball, we did get some free time. We got the entire day to do whatever we liked in Fullerton on that Monday. Many of our California girls especially enjoyed being able to spend time with family and friends they rarely get to see. Others enjoyed time at the beach, Disneyland or just sightseeing.

One of the cool things we got to do as a team was go to the Olympic Training Center while we were in San Diego. We had lots of downtime because our last three games were rained out, so it actually does rain in Southern California every once in a while! Anyway, at the training center we got to see many of the places where Olympic athletes train, including the BMX course, archery field, softball fields, and the track and field grounds. We were also able to eat in the cafeteria where these athletes eat. It was a really neat experience to walk where some of the greatest athletes have been and trained.

I think one of the best nights from the trip was eating at a place called Farrell’s near Fullerton. This is a place filled with excitement and energy that is created by the fun atmosphere and friendly waiters and waitresses. We told our waiter it was Ralph’s [coach Weekly’s] birthday, so they came out with a drum and a group of workers and sang to him. Let’s just say they got him up and out of his comfort zone a little bit. They had the whole team singing along and laughing at Ralph as he tried to dance along with the beat.

The night did not end there. On the bus ride back home, we had our own entertainment as some of our staff decided to do a little spotlight singing. Besides it being a super-long day and late night, it was definitely one to remember.

By Saturday in San Diego, I think it is safe to say we were all ready to get back to Big Orange Country. We were welcomed with more rain, some snow and very cold weather. I don’t think any of us were complaining, though, because we were so glad to be back home. There is just no place like Rocky Top!

Hope y’all have enjoyed this blog and have a great week! Go Vols!