Expect a large Delle Donne contingent

AP Photo/Nick Wass

Elena Delle Donne will be surrounded by family when she and Blue Hens play Sunday.

Yesterday, we had a very early flight, but we were so excited just to get going and get to Arkansas. We had a charter flight, which was incredible because we could just spread out, get our own row, and sleep through the whole flight. We were exhausted by the time we arrived in Arkansas, but luckily we had time to nap before heading off to practice. When we finally arrived at practice, it was nice to touch the ball. We were so excited to be practicing in the gym together and refocus a little bit after a day of traveling.

After practice, we went to a really nice place for dinner. It was a Tuscan setting, partially outside, so we were able to experience Arkansas a little bit. Fun fact: My grandfather was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, which means a large part of my family is here and will be coming to our game tomorrow.

Today was just another day where we were able to get up, get breakfast, and then practice at the arena, which is something we were definitely excited about because we wanted to see the gym. The arena is beautiful, and we're really excited to play there tomorrow. Hopefully, it’s just going to be a magical place for us (fingers crossed!). Now we are able to get a little free time and get some work done before we head off to dinner. I can't wait for tomorrow and hope to see lots of Blue Hens fans there!