Ready for the Madness?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Time to start preparing your eyes for the countless hours you'll spend viewing college basketball over the next three weeks.

With just one weekend left to prepare for Selection Sunday and Monday, basketball fans everywhere are gearing up for the annual binge-watching tradition affectionately known as March Madness. Here are five fun facts about the yearly event featuring the best men's and women's college teams in the country.

1. Seven men's teams (San Francisco in 1956, North Carolina in 1957, UCLA in 1964, 1967, 1972 and 1973 and Indiana in 1976) and seven women's teams (Texas in 1986, Connecticut in 1995, 2002, 2009 and 2010, Tennessee in 1998 and Baylor in 2012) have won the NCAA tournament with perfect records. Wichita State on the men's side and Connecticut and Notre Dame on the women's side look to join the list next month.

2. A No. 11 seed is the lowest seed to ever make the men's Final Four, and that has happened on three different occasions -- LSU in 1986, George Mason in 2006 and VCU in 2011. No. 9 Arkansas in 1998 was the lowest seed to make the Final Four on the women's side.

3. The Harvard women's squad in 1998 is the only 16 seed team in men's or women's basketball defeat a No. 1 seed. The Crimson beat Stanford 71-67 in the historic upset.

4. All four No. 1 seeds have made the Final Four just once (2008) in men's tournament history and twice (1989 and 2012) in the women's tournament.

5. In 2004, the Connecticut men's and women's teams both won the national title, marking the first and only time both basketball programs from the same Division I school won the title in the same year.