Looking forward to Nebraska

AP Photo/Nati Harnik

The Sweet 16 has taken UConn to the regional in Lincoln, Neb., this year.

So we made it to the Sweet 16, and the past few years, regionals have been fairly close to home -- Rhode Island, Philadelphia, Bridgeport -- but now Nebraska. Although I’m not the biggest fan of flying and traveling, mainly because I’m so big and even charter planes aren’t very large, basketball has given my teammates and I the opportunity to visit some pretty cool places. During my college career alone, I’ve gotten to go to quite a few U.S. states, Italy and St. Thomas, and as a part of USA basketball, I visited Chile as well.

AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Associate head coach Chris Dailey keeps the team entertained on trips with trivia games and crazy stories.

As much as I love playing home games in front of our crowd in Gampel, away games have their perks. We travel, which means long bus and plane rides, where we play what we like to call “cut-throat” Uno. It doesn’t matter that we’re teammates, during this game no one looks out for each other, and Morgan Tuck usually ends up with the entire deck. Another one of our favorites used to be Catch Phrase; Heather (Buck) always brought it on the bus rides, and it usually would have us dying laughing at someone because of their description that didn’t make sense.

Another thing I love about away trips is our associate head coach Chris Dailey. She always has something fun planned, whether it’s a walk outside to explore the city, or a trivia game before pregame to see how much we know about the state we’re in or just crazy stories she tells about being around coach all the time. The team is usually making fun of the game CD creates, but when we’re doing it, we get super competitive and want to win no matter how ridiculous it seems. Oh, and Stewie always wins, whereas I never win! It gets annoying.

The last thing I love about these trips are the dinners. We get to go to some nice places for dinner as a team and they’re always so much fun, not to mention we eat a ton of amazing food. I’ve gotten to try different fish, like swordfish and tuna, and in Texas I ordered escargot! I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t particularly love it either … it was interesting.

But when you’re constantly traveling, you don’t always get to just sit down with the entire team and reminisce, so we do at dinner. That’s why I love them so much and I know my teammates would agree.

So, that being said, I’m looking forward to experiencing Nebraska and seeing what CD has planned for us, and playing in the Sweet 16 and hopefully the Elite Eight.