It's been a busy few weeks

Courtesy of FSU Athletics

In the trip to Boston and Rhode Island, the FSU softball team faced howling winds and 32-degree weather.

This season has been chock full of traveling. We began on the road, and since then the plane rides and road trips have never ceased. I think most teams may look at traveling as a hassle, and we see it that way at times, but spending so much time together on the road has helped to bring us closer.

Lately we’ve spent our bus trips watching movies, and I believe the team’s favorite so far is “Frozen.’’ One of our catchers, Celeste Gomez, even came up with a softball themed remix of the “Frozen’’ soundtrack hit “Let it Go.” From “The Benchwarmers’’ to “She’s the Man,’’ we enjoy a good laugh at all of the movies we watch on our road trips.

These past two weeks have been especially filled with airport and travel time. We’ve spent March 21-23 traveling to Boston and Rhode Island, and this past weekend we made a trip up to Chapel Hill to play UNC.

The trip to Boston was an interesting one. Boston College’s field still had a sheet of ice on it, so after we landed in Boston we took a bus to Rhode Island to play at Bryant University. The wind was howling and we had to learn to play in different conditions than we are accustomed to. There were a couple fly balls that the wind took its toll on, but our outfielders stayed calm and reeled them in.

Courtesy Taylor Foster

The FSU softball team signed a scrapbook that Taylor Foster's family had made for her.

After winning two games on Saturday we were looking to close out Sunday on a good note. We came out with the win and swept the series, but we had to play in close to 32-degree weather, so we kept the space heater on and hand warmers in our back pockets throughout the game.

After our win we had a little extra time before we needed to head back to the airport, so the coaches took us to Quincy Market to shop and enjoy some tasty Boston cuisine. Lobster rolls, bagel sandwiches and New England clam chowder highlighted the food selection, but there were more than 20 restaurants to choose from. Three of us purchased new hacky sacks, a team favorite pregame activity, so we played right there in Quincy square. A few shoppers passing by even joined our game. Eventually it was time to head back to Tallahassee, and although Boston left us with great memories, we were all ready to get back to warmer weather.

Our mid-week game was against our neighboring school Florida A&M, and we celebrated teacher appreciation day at the park. Teachers and staff from all departments joined us and threw out the first pitch, which was at times very comical. There were 10 different first pitches, and a couple didn’t make it to the plate, but we loved having our teachers come and support FSU softball. We showed them our appreciation for their attendance with an 8-0 mercy-rule victory.

To finish off our week, we headed to Chapel Hill, but instead of flying we took the bus so we could visit Taylor Foster. I talked about Taylor in my last post, but just to remind you all, Taylor is our biggest Seminole softball fan, and she is suffering from bone cancer.

Although a little sleepy, Taylor was excited to see us when we pulled our bus into her driveway. Her whole family came out to great us, and they prepared a huge spread of food for us as well. Taylor told us how excited she was that she could watch our games on ESPN3 that weekend, and we got to share a couple of stories with her in the hour that we stayed.

We were able to see Taylor’s room, and we also got to sign a giant scrapbook that Taylor’s family had made for her. There was an entire page dedicated to Taylor’s love of FSU softball, and it helped to bring back so many great memories that we’ve shared together.

After enjoying time with Taylor and her family, we had to head up to Chapel Hill to prepare for our three-game series, but we all left knowing that we would have our biggest fan cheering us on over the weekend.

We were geared up and excited to play against UNC, and it showed. The first victory of the series gave Coach Alameda the 400th victory of her coaching career, and we were all really excited that we could be the team that shared that special moment with her. We hit a total of seven home runs in our three-game sweep of the Tar Heels.

We finally made our way back to Tallahassee early Tuesday morning, but we got back on the road Wednesday to play our in-state rival, Florida. We’ve been looking forward to this game all year, and we are more than prepared to go on the road and play one of our toughest opponents of the season.