Majoring in chemistry

University of Maryland

The Terrapins loved their Louisville Regional trophy so much they gave it a name: Regina.

It's amazing how much our team has grown over the last month.

I just remember walking out of the ACC tournament so frustrated because we knew we were better than a loss. It's crazy how things can change, and it's even crazier how hard it is to beat a team with a strong bond and great chemistry like we have. Chemistry can't be forced, and chemistry can't be created. It just happens. In order to shine together you have to grind together.

The two weeks before NCAA tournament were the hardest weeks of my career -- all because of practice. Our coaches did whatever they could to make it as hard on us as possible. We knew in order to survive we had to come together and rely on each other. No one could have gotten through practice alone.

The KFC Yum! Center is the loudest arena on the road I've ever been to. I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. It was a sea of red, so we tried to imagine that they were all cheering for us. Even when we were up by 10, we knew we couldn't be content. And when Shoni Schimmel hit two back-to-back 3's, we knew the game wasn't over.

When the buzzer went off, we had an unbelievable celebration. I haven't cut down a net since my senior of high school, and I forgot how amazing it feels. I also forgot how to cut it, but luckily I wasn't the first one up the ladder. We named our NCAA regional champion trophy Regina, which is short for regional champions.

We didn't get back to College Park until 4 a.m., so the only postgame celebration was sleep! Unfortunately, for me I had class at 8 a.m. It's funny how after an all-time high moment like that you have no problem getting up!

We decided to plan a pep rally at our student union but it was focused around the concept of making me "Vine famous." Basically we created a "super Vine" which was a bunch of the students behind the team yelling. It's hard to explain so check out the vine below.