A little camera happy in London

Jenny Fletcher, a professional triathlete, model and Oakley Perform Beautifully ambassador, will be checking in from the Oakley Safe House throughout the Olympics with behind-the-scenes photos, and more. This is her first blog:

LONDON -- I arrived here Tuesday afternoon and headed straight for the Oakley Safe House. What an amazing place; I'm lucky to have this as my "home base" for the next few weeks.

My perfect first day started as I met up with friend and fellow triathlete Laura Bennett. She is an absolute rock star and hero in my eyes -- a two-time Olympian and an incredible ambassador for the sport. She's always smiling, always positive, always present, and always laughing.

Here is one of the shots I took of Laura at the Safe House: She is signing her name on a phone booth, along with the other athletes who have made a visit.

Jenny Fletcher

I've been really camera happy here so far. On Wednesday, athletes were dropping in to the Safe House non-stop! The energy here is a constant buzz. I can't decide if it's all the cappuccinos I'm having or meeting all the athletes who are in London to represent their country. (I think it might be a combination of the two!) These athletes have sacrificed everything for their dream of being here and competing against the best in the world.

Here are a few of my behind-the-scenes photos.

• First in was Australia's Emma Snowsill, one of the best in triathlon, who won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games. She is here this year to support her man, Jan Frodeno.

Jenny Fletcher

• I had the pleasure of meeting the tall, strong and beautiful April Ross and Jennifer Kessy. After just missing a chance to go to Beijing, the duo is making their debut here in London for the United States.

Jenny Fletcher

• Zara Dampney and boyfriend Kirk Pitman lounged on the couch to watch the Olympics on jumbo-screen TVs inside. Zara is playing Thursday for Great Britain in women's volleyball. Good luck, Zara!

Jenny Fletcher

• Last but not least, Danka Bartekova from Slovakia was in the house! Congrats to Danka for her third-place finish in skeet shooting. We did a little celebrating with champagne, and Danka was presented with a watch and some new Sunnies!

Jenny Fletcher

I'll be back with more photos Thursday. Until then, enjoy the Games!