Saluting our amazing seniors

University of Maryland

Maryland coach Brenda Frese told her team to soak in every bit of the Final Four experience, Chloe Pavlech says.

Words can't even describe how it felt to experience the Final Four with our amazing seniors.

Coach B [Brenda Frese] said in the locker room after our loss to Notre Dame that they have done more than anyone can imagine for our program. To be able to be one of the last four teams standing, and for us all to get there together, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Coach B always wants us to savor every moment and experience, and we live that every day. As soon as we pulled up to our hotel, we took in the cool signage with our logos and the welcome party, not to mention the send-off we got from our fans in College Park. We all took in every moment of the salute and just tried to soak it all up. We had so much fun and it only felt right that Alyssa [Thomas], Alicia [DeVaughn], Katie [Rutan], Essence [Townsend] and Sequoia [Austin] got to experience it all.

I wanted to give myself a few days before I wrote this last blog. We are so proud of our run to the Final Four, but of course it takes you a day or so to recover from everything! If you think about it, out of the 64 teams that make the NCAA tournament, there's only one that will end the season with a high and there's only one team that will end the postseason undefeated. I think it's truly amazing that UConn finished this season 40-0, and credit to Notre Dame for almost having a perfect season, especially since the ACC is so competitive.

I was so sad after our game versus Notre Dame because I realized it was the last time I would have a chance to play with our seniors. I cried because I realized we won't ever have a season together again. I feel like I'm not only losing great teammates, but I'm losing my big sisters, and with some of them, I feel like I'm losing a mom (LOL).

When I first got to campus they cooked for me, they taught me how to do laundry and they were all my protectors. They're such a special group. It's hard to imagine not seeing them every day. I'll be an upperclassman, so now I'll have to help take care of the freshmen and lookout for the sophomores. It's really hard to imagine college without them, but I feel so lucky to have them in my life and to have had two years with them.