Surf's up at the North Shore!

Courtesy Tiffany Joh

LPGA Tour player Tiffany Joh took up surfing about two years ago and fell in love with it.

Oh, hey again guys! Tiff Joh here, reporting for espnW blogging duties.

So last time around, I talked about a relatively new passion of mine -- weirding out random strangers with my fresh-to-def unicorn onesies. This time around, I'll talk about another passion of mine -- the ocean.

Courtesy of Tiffany Joh

Rest after three straight weeks of golf or enjoy Waimea Bay? That's a no-brainer.

I picked up surfing about two years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I'm definitely nowhere close to Ryann O'Toole status by any stretch, but I've grown a deep appreciation for the ocean, whether through surfing, body surfing or -- what ends up happening most of the time -- lying on my board like a beached whale and recovering from my most recent wipeout.

So, imagine my delight when I looked at the LPGA schedule and saw that not only were we playing in Hawaii again, but we also had the week before off. (I guess I could've used that week to rest after three consecutive tournament weeks, but THE NORTH SHORE, YOU GUYS! Am I right?!) So I scheduled my flight over to Honolulu a few days early to eat shave ice ... ahem ... I mean prepare or whatever.

Oh, yeah. Before I continue, one more thing you should know about me: I'm a little accident prone. Like, if there is a chair anywhere in a 40-foot radius, I will find a way to stub my toe on it. If there is a step, I will trip on it. And if, God forbid, there is a body of water of any size, I will drop my phone into it.

Anyway, back to the North Shore. I ended up staying with a lady named Betty, also known in the community as "Banzai Betty." (Go ahead. Google her. She's kind of a big deal.) She was super helpful in guiding me toward mellower breaks that were a little more accessible to novice surfers such as myself.

Courtesy of Tiffany Joh

Ouch! This is what happens when foot meets a sharp piece of reef.

I went to a nice longboard break called Chun's Reef one morning and had a ton of fun catching tiny little ankle biters. So much so that I convinced myself to come back again at sunset to squeeze in another surf. Long story short, the waves got bigger (or I got smaller, or both), and as darkness fell, I started paddling back in, a little frustrated after not catching any waves. To add insult to injury, as I was walking out of the water, I stepped on a sharp piece of reef and cut a large portion of skin on the ball of my foot.

Thankfully, a nearby gas station was open, and I washed out my battle scar with bottled water and used a toothpick to pick out the little bits of gravel and sand. (Is this TMI? Eh, you knew what you were getting into when you clicked the link to my blog!)

The next day, the LPGA physiotherapists took care of it properly (despite all of my medical expertise garnered through watching episodes of “Grey's Anatomy’’). In the end, I played solid in tough, windy conditions and with a slight limp.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone! Or if you're anything like me, just get a helmet or something.