This is the best time of year

Andrew Bruckse/Tennessee Athletics

Despite an early loss in the SEC tourney, Tennessee is determined to make the postseason last as long as possible.

Postseason softball can only mean one thing: School is over and it is summertime. Oh, and I guess some softball!

It is the best part of the year for the Tennessee Lady Vols. It’s what we have worked for since we came together back in August. The SEC tournament might not have worked out as we expected, but this is a team that never seems to quit. We enjoy every moment we get to play with each other, and we want to make that last as long as possible.

I also think postseason is such a great time because we actually have time to do things we love. Often during the year, our lives consist of school, softball and sleep. Not that school is a bad thing, but I must say it is not the most enjoyable thing to do.

Since there isn’t much time for anything else during the year, it can wear on you mentally. Postseason is a great time to get rejuvenated and do things you love besides softball. I think many of us could say hobbies are what help us enjoy life. The same is true for us athletes. Any time we have time to get into things we love, it helps us relax and enjoy playing softball even more. For the Lady Vols softball team, this could mean a lot of different things.

Taylor Koenig likes to catch up on TV shows such as “CSI Miami’’ and watch movies on Netflix. Hannah McDonald loves to paint and go on hikes. Knoxville is one of the prettiest places in the country, and it definitely is a great place to explore and go on hikes. Along with Hannah, Cheyanne Tarango also likes to find her inner artist as she has more time do so some sketching.

A couple of our girls, Lexi Overstreet and Erin Gabriel, enjoy leisurely running at some of the pretty parks around Knoxville. We also have a few musical artists on the team in Anna Renfroe and Annie Aldrete, even though they probably won’t admit it. Anna loves to play the guitar and sing, and I can tell you from hearing her myself, Annie has a pretty voice. Rainey Gaffin likes to spend her time reading and hanging out with friends. Haley Tobler enjoys discovering new restaurants and cool places to explore in Knoxville.

With all that said, shopping seems to be one of the most popular “hobbies” of the Lady Vols. Lexi, Cheyanne, Melissa Davin and Madison Shipman all admitted to spending time shopping at the mall in Knoxville.

This is what the Lady Vols are up to now. But whether it’s catching up on TV shows, sleeping, shopping or exploring Knoxille, we all come together on the softball field to accomplish our mission: WIN! That is what we hope to do this postseason. Go Vols!