We're in a great position

Courtesy FSU Athletics

FSU solidified its regular-season title with a 3-1 victory over Notre Dame in the ACC championship game and is ready to continue the journey.

The postseason is upon us and it has been a memorable one so far. This last month of the season is where everything comes together, where you lay it all on the line in hopes of peaking at the right time. It takes heart, passion, a go-get-it attitude and a little luck, and so far our team has shown that we’ve gotten it all together at just the right time.

Before this season began, we knew we’d have the potential to be a Women’s College World Series team. That was our goal, but a goal is one thing and achieving that goal is another. After playing a tough regular-season schedule and putting in countless hours on the field, I know we’re all ready and excited to compete for our chance at Oklahoma City.

As I’ve said throughout the season, our bond has grown and during the ACC tournament it was easy to see just how hard we’ve worked to put ourselves in a great position.

During the first game I was a little shaky on the mound, walking far more batters than is characteristic of me, but my team had my back, scoring 11 runs and playing solid defense throughout the game.

You can learn a lot from games like these, games where you don’t have your best stuff. In these tough situations, it’s your teammates and your training that you have to rely on.

I learned that at the ACC tournament. Teammates are the first to push you to your limit, to ask you to “be big” and “get it done.” Sometimes they are the ones who believe in you even more than you believe in yourself. It’s those kinds of teammates and that kind of a bond that gets teams to the World Series.

Each of us did our part in the ACC tournament. From base running to video bombing, our team does a great job of competing for one another, staying loose and having fun. After winning our quarterfinal and semifinal matchups, we advanced to the championship game for the second year in a row. We still had a bitter taste in our mouths after losing the championship 1-0 last year, and we wanted to prove we were deserving of our 2014 regular-season title.

Against a very good Notre Dame team, we fired on all cylinders to come out as ACC tournament champions. There are no words that can describe that feeling. Smiles and hugs spread like wildfire after the final out was recorded, and as we circled around the trophy it all became real.

Not only had we won the ACC tournament, but by doing so we also had solidified our No. 8 national seed. Seeing all of our hard work pay off and so many of our goals become a reality is the complete meaning of joy. We accomplished all of these feats as a team, and having so many special people to share these moments with is the real treat.

As we continue on our journey to Oklahoma City, we have more goals to reach and more memories to make, but one thing is for sure. This family is in it until the very end.