We live for the postseason

Courtesy of ASU Athletics

With a one-game-at-a-time attitude, Arizona State opens at home Friday against Dartmouth.

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from me, but now that finals and school have come to a close you will be hearing much more from me over the next few weeks.

We just finished a tough conference schedule with the top-ranked Oregon Ducks and the second-ranked UCLA Bruins. I believe the past few weeks have been great in preparing us for my favorite part of the season: postseason! We had to play at such a high level the past few weeks that I am sure we are ready for the last third of our 2014 season.

Postseason is the absolute best time of year. This is when the most passionate and exciting softball is played. There is just something different in the atmosphere. We are fortunate to be starting with regionals on our home turf and to play in front of our fans and family.

I still think this ASU Sun Devil team has not peaked, which is a good thing. I am positive people can expect to see more from us because let’s face it, we live for this. We feel as if many people have written us off, so we are prepared to come out guns blazing. Postseason is when the Sun Devils come alive and play our best softball. We are prepared to compete, fight and do whatever it takes to get back to Oklahoma City.

Our road to OKC starts Friday against Dartmouth. We know they are not to be taken lightly, but our mindset has not changed even though it is a bigger stage. We are going to take it one pitch at a time, one a game at a time, never looking too far ahead. The most important game of the season is Friday afternoon, and the Sun Devils will be ready.

Thanks so much for tuning in. Go Devils!