Fun on All-Star menu


I couldn't be more excited to have the WNBA All-Star Game in Phoenix this year.

I really love this city. The X-Factor fans [the nickname for Mercury fans] are amazing and so supportive. Playing for this team, this city and this organization is a big reason I come back each year.

Here's a shocker: Phoenix is hot in the summer. Really hot. But there's something about this city that people fall in love with. I spend the majority of my days in the gym before, during and after practice, but I do enjoy barbecuing with my teammates and trying new places to eat around town. Phoenix is a great city to go out with a group of friends and just enjoy each other's company. There will be plenty of restaurants to try during the All-Star break. If you need a recommendation, hit me up.

I don't really know the exact number of All-Star Games I've played in. I've had fun each time, but I'm not really big on individual achievements, so being an All-Star MVP is never a priority. I've been in the league a long time and I get the most enjoyment from the All-Star Game by getting others involved and just having fun on the court and goofing with friends and teammates off of it. (When you have Brittney Griner as a teammate, it's hard not to have fun.) The WNBA season is a grind, but it's kind of short at the same time. The All-Star Game is a nice way to break the season up a bit.

The best part about playing in the WNBA All-Star Game is catching up with friends and former teammates across the league. Sue [Bird] and I will usually grab some food to catch up, and seeing the newer players get to participate in the game is always fun, too.

I know a few of the things Phoenix has planned for the All-Star Game and the days leading up to it, and we're going to do the WNBA and its fans proud.