Cheerleaders step from sidelines to spotlight

NFL cheerleaders have come forward recently to spotlight poor working conditions and ask to be rightfully compensated for their work. Sunday’s “Outside The Lines” will take a closer look at lawsuits filed by some cheerleaders, at least one of which questions what role the NFL plays in all this.

The cases have seen some progress, most recently with the Oakland Raiders offering their cheerleaders, the Raiderettes, minimum wage, according to The Los Angeles Times. Their annual pay should rise from $1,250 to $3,200.

Still, long hours and little pay haven’t deterred women like 40-year-old New Orleans Saints cheerleader Kriste Lewis, one of two NFL cheerleaders in her 40s.

Swirling above all the talk about these amazing athletes, the debate over whether cheerleading is a sport rages on. Former collegiate cheerleader Alyssa Roenigk says no. What do you say? Let us hear it on Twitter @espnW.