Yankees Fan Finds Lost Red Sox World Series Ring ... And Returns It!

In either the nicest news of the day or a surefire sign of the impending Apocalypse, a New York Yankees fan found a missing Boston Red Sox World Series ring and respectfully returned it to its rightful owner. On Thursday, New York restaurant owner and longtime Yankees fan Luigi Militello was amazed to find the 2013 Championship ring in the bathroom of his establishment, Luke’s Bar and Grill. As it is made of shiny diamonds and 14-karat gold, I’m guessing it wasn’t too hard to spot.

Drew Weber, a local businessman and owner of the Red Sox’s Single-A Lowell Spinners, had apparently frequented the restaurant for dinner and taken off the ring while washing his hands in the restroom. After experiencing what he described to the Associated Press as “palpitations” after searching his apartment top to bottom once he realized his ring was gone, Weber finally thought to call the restaurant. Militello reportedly razzed Weber’s opposing fandom but then agreed to meet the next day to return the ring.

Weber offered money in exchange for the ring’s return. Militello refused but did ask if Weber would call in a sports radio talk show and make fun of the Sox. Weber declined. However, Militello’s good deed won’t go totally unrewarded. Weber and the Red Sox have invited him to Fenway Park for the team’s regular-season finale against the Yankees in what could be Derek Jeter’s final game in pinstripes. But while that’s great all, Militello seemed most happy to be able to send his friends photos of himself wearing the ring.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to wear jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars, don’t, you know, take it off in public and forget about it.

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