Detroit Fans Salute Austin Jackson During Mid-Game Trade

Like that old adage your grandmother used to say, one minute you’re playing in the outfield for the Detroit Tigers and the next minute, you’re leaving the field after being traded to the Seattle Mariners. While your grandmother might not have actually said that, hopefully Austin Jackson’s did. On Thursday, Jackson was playing centerfield during a game against the Chicago White Sox when he was pulled in the seventh inning … because he had been traded to the Mariners as part of the three-team David Price deal. Just as he was expecting when he took the field, I’m sure.

Once the Comerica Park crowd realized what was happening, they gave Jackson a well-deserved standing ovation. Likely a nice moment for someone who just found out he was moving across the country in a few hours.

This is one of those rare moments where being a professional athlete really doesn’t seem that awesome. I’ll try and remember this next time I hear of a multi-million dollar endorsement contract.

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