Mo’ne Davis World Domination Tour Rolls Into Los Angeles

Little League superstar Mo’ne Davis continued her world domination tour Tuesday with a trip to Los Angeles for the Dodgers game against the Washington Nationals. Her night was pretty much the stuff most of our dreams are made of. Let’s break it down, shall we?

First-pitch honors called by Vin Scully? YUP. (And yes, there’s an error from Scully on her hometown but WHATEVER. Everyone knows a rare error from Scully is still better than an accurate fact from just about anyone else.)

Hanging with Queen Latifah? CHECK.

Being asked for an autograph from Yaisel Puig? NATCH.

Meeting her pitching hero Clayton Kershaw and watching him earn his 17th win of the season? YES.

Forget the “Summer of George” or even the “Summer of Iggy Azalea,” 2014 was easily the “Summer of Mo’ne.” And it’s starting to look like it might be her fall, too.

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