How Dare Geno Auriemma Call Mo'ne Davis To Congratulate Her!

After her star turn at the Little League World Series, Mo’ne Davis received a phone call from UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma congratulating her on her success. Adorable, right?

Wrong. Apparently. According to the Hartford Courant, an unidentified rival school filed a complaint to the American Athletic Conference claiming the phone call constituted a recruiting violation.

Womp, womp. So that’s kind of a buzzkill.

Davis, who has repeatedly stated her dream is to one day play for the Huskies, is in the eighth grade and, per UConn, is not officially considered a prospective student-athlete until she reaches high school. Clearly the petitioning school disagrees, but it also sounds like it wouldn’t like puppies, butterflies or anything fun, so I’m not sure how seriously we should take its opinion on anything.

Obviously the people of the Internet had some thoughts on the matter.

What’s next? A college coach being reprimanded for giving a high-five to one of her kid’s third-grade soccer teammates? CALM DOWN, EVERYONE.

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