A very good first day at the Open

Adena Andrews catches up with tennis star Sloane Stephens in the American Express Fan Experience and asks about the US Open, her relationship with Serena Williams and more.

Tuesday was a good day! I had a tough battle with Francesca Schiavone but I managed to get through to the second round. Yay! Must have been the pancakes and eggs from Moonstruck. Or maybe it was the prematch dinner at Les Halles. I don't know; I just had a good day. This was the first match I've ever played in Louis Armstrong Stadium. The crowd was intense through the entire match. It's the best feeling in the world to hear everyone screaming, chanting, and just making you want to fight so hard. I love it. Thank you New York for all of your support!

You expect everything to go perfectly on match day, but it never does. It's difficult to gauge when you're going to play, and you have to arrive early enough to warm up, eat, rest, and be ready. But it never works that way when you're the third or fourth match on the schedule. On Tuesday I was the third match after two men's matches -- and men's matches can take a long time. I arrived at 11:30 a.m. and warmed up at around 12. Can you believe I didn't start my match until around 5:30 p.m.? That's a lot of sitting and waiting! I napped, played cards, and warmed up a couple of times, all before I could get started.

After the match, I had quite a bit of press. It was pretty late when I finished, so instead of stopping at our hotel, we went straight to dinner at Miss Korea. Great food and good company topped off my opening day. I shared my dinner with my Uncle Ron. Though he claimed he was helping me finish, I really didn't need any help. Next time, eat your own dinner Uncle Ron! My grandparents, mom, and Aunt Kalen were all there as well. It's so funny -- they try not to talk about tennis so I can hear it, but I can always hear what they say anyways.

After a nice long shower and a quick tweet-check, my day was done. I got some more followers Tuesday -- follow me @Sloanetweets!