There's not a bad seat in the house

Tickets to the U.S. Open can range from $995 to just $54. No matter how much cash you’re willing to drop, you’re guaranteed to have a unique experience.

If you score just a $54 grounds pass for a day at the U.S. Open, you can see matches on all 17 courts, the Grandstand and Louis Armstrong Stadium, and participate in the interactive fan events. You also can grab an adult beverage at one of the quality restaurants on the grounds.

Adena Andrews

Even if from the "nosebleed" section of Arthur Ashe Stadium, the sightlines aren't bad.

As the sun sets, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center starts to feel like a nightclub, with places such as the Heineken Red Star Café creating a local pub atmosphere right outside the main court. The only thing off limits to grounds-pass holders is Arthur Ashe Stadium.

If you’ve got a little more dough, you can grab a seat in the 22,547-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium. If tickets are still available, they can cost anywhere from $995 for courtside seats to a final to $75 for seats at the very top of the stadium.

Unlike some sporting events, the U.S. Open boasts great sight lines from anywhere in the stadium. Fans in the nosebleed seats of Arthur Ashe have a bird’s-eye view of the court and can really appreciate the ground covered by athletes as they volley.

The plus side to nosebleed seats is that if you stand at the very top of the stadium, you can watch multiple matches on other courts. Therefore, you’re getting two matches for the price of one.

Also, it has been said the truest fans are at the top of the stadium, where you can find a man ripping off his shirt for the fan cam or a woman with an “I Love You Roddick” glitter-dusted sign.

Whether you’re sitting courtside, at the bar or in the cheap seats, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.