Thanks for the U.S. Open memories

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Sloane Stephens ran into trouble with a minor abdominal strain that rendered her serve ineffective during Saturday's match against Ana Ivanovic.

Hey guys!

I have had an amazing experience this year at the U.S. Open, and I want to thank all of you guys for all the support. The crowds at my matches gave me so much support. It was awesome! It was a great feeling to see the people on the site stopping me and asking for a picture or an autograph -- so cool. I love seeing little kids getting excited about tennis. I hope you all had as much fun the past week as I did.

Unfortunately, my U.S. Open has come to a close. Before Saturday night's match, I noticed I had a minor abdominal strain and it affected my serve. It kind of threw me off a little bit. Things like that happen. It's nothing you can control. Ana [Ivanovic] played a great match! Sunday morning, I was not feeling much better, so I withdrew from mixed doubles. There is still a lot of tennis to play this year, and I wanted to make sure I did not make the injury any worse.

I'd really like to thank my team for a wonderful week. You all provided so much support and encouragement exactly when I needed you. Love you guys! Right now, I'm looking ahead to the end of the season. I still have a lot of tournaments to play, so I'm going to rest up, take good care of my body, and try to be ready to finish the season strong. I'm hoping to be ready to play most of the events in Asia and finish the season in Luxembourg. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for all the support, and don't forget to follow me @SloaneTweets!