In practice, heading game is our favorite

Penn State Athletics

Christine Nairn and her Penn State teammates can get pretty competitive during the heading game at Thursday practices.

After playing in front of a record crowd at BYU and losing 3-1, the team was looking to take the positives from the weekend and implement them for our upcoming Big Ten opener. Since our season started, we have gotten into a set routine during the week to prepare us for the next game.

Monday is a recovery day, which is filled with some TLC from our trainer and bone-shivering ice baths (always below zero, obviously). Tuesday we work on our fitness (so much fun) and play Dutch rotation.

Dutch rotation is a 4 vs. 4 tournament where each player switches teams after every game. Before coach starts the tournament, she can be quoted saying, "The cream always rises to the top." One of our team goals is for each player to make the players around them better, so this game is a great opportunity to achieve one of our goals.

On Wednesday, the team incorporates some type of technical work as well as "max sprints." This type of fitness includes a longer sprint and some type of technical work based on each player's position.

The team's favorite day of practice is definitely Thursday because of the heading game. This game gets pretty competitive between teams and referees.

Friday is game day!

Our team has its traditions on game day, which include extremely loud music in our locker room, Blue Bus ride and team cheers. I wish I could tell you more details about our pregame rituals, but we are sworn to secrecy once we enter the Penn State women's soccer family.