Meet my Hawaiian teammate, Tani Costa

Penn State women's soccer

Tani Costa surfs and paddleboards, and really misses home when she's stuck in the snow.

Hey guys, the Pennsylvania State University women's soccer team is back on the road again this week playing Friday night vs. Nebraska. After having a week to recover from our trip to Northwestern, Illinois and Ohio State, we are looking forward to playing another tough Big Ten battle.

I hope everyone is excited to watch a crucial Big Ten matchup because we need to play our best in order to come away with a "W" at Nebraska.

Last week, with the help of some of my teammates, we came up with superlatives, so this week I had to come up with something obviously funnier and cooler. We are currently traveling to Nebraska, so I thought to pass the time we would get to know some of the Penn State women's soccer team a little better.

The past two days have been filled with time away from the field, and I did not know what to do with all this free time, so I decided to interview our Hawaiian princess, Tani Costa!

What is it about you that makes you so Hawaiian?

I'd like to say I embrace my tan, and I hate the cold and I apparently have an accent, according to my teammates.

Have you ever encountered a shark?

I personally have never seen one out in the wild (ocean), but my dad has and many of my friends have.

Are you going to have a cheesy Hawaiian wedding?

Of course! And all of my teammates are invited!

Can you speak any Hawaiian?

I used to speak Hawaiian language really well when I was younger, but since many universities do not take Hawaiian as a second language, I had to give it up and take Spanish through high school. So now I only remember some words and phrases.

Can you surf? Row those cool boats?

Yes, I do know how to surf, and yes, I can paddle those cool boats, but I'd rather paddleboard, which is when you stand up on a big surf board and paddle around.

Truth or rumor: Surfing class in high school?

Total rumor! Although there are surfing teams.

Ever camped out on the beach?

Yes, I have once when I was younger, but bugs really scare me so I would only ever do the beach, not go camping out in the real woods.

How long is the flight and what do you do to pass the time?

The flight from State College to Honolulu can vary from 12-14 hours (not including layovers). To pass the time, I usually take a really good romance novel with me, or I play card games on my phone, watch plane movies and eat lame plane food. I usually have a hard time sleeping on planes, so I will literally make fun out of anything I can get my hands on.

How and why did you pick Penn State?

I knew the second I stepped on the PSU campus I was going to come here. The coaches were amazing, the team felt like a family, and the academic support was the best.

Is it hard being so far away from home?

It has gotten a little easier over the years being away from home, but I still have a lot of homesick moments, especially when my sister sends me pictures of the beach while I'm stuck in the snow. If it wasn't for my family up here (the team), I wouldn't have been able to make it this long without my real family.

Do your parents come visit you often? Ever surprise you?

My parents try to come visit every year, except last year, just my grandparents came to visit me. My mom, grandma and older sister came and surprised me this year when we played over at BYU. I had no idea, and it was the BEST surprise ever! (I cried, haha.)

Best advice for potential Penn State women's soccer players about going to a school that is far away from home?

I would say this experience will be the best four or five years of your life, and there are going to be moments where you'll miss home, but home will always be home. It will always be there, so don't let that hold you back from making a new home (school) and making new family members (the team).