Halloween week busy at USC

Courtesy of Emily Young

Emily Young and her teammates got spooked at Knott's Scary Farm.

Just wanted to share some of the "ghoul" times that our team had at Knott's Scary Farm, the USC Athletics Pumpkin Carving Contest and other Halloween week festivities. Check out my hair in that photo. Of course, they told us to stand still and smile for a photo before they played some scary zombie noise and blasted air at our faces.

You’ve got to love the expressions my ladies have on their faces, though. Alicia Ogoms is in the back with me. She's actually still trying to smile for the photo. Of course, Sara Shaw on the left looks like she's enjoying an awesome rock concert. Trust me: she goes to a lot of concerts. Don't worry, Sam! Natalie will protect you. Good strategy, though. Samantha Bricio turns away and Natalie Hagglund just closes her eyes. Katie Fuller tried to remain as calm as possible but as you can see, she got the brunt of the air blast.

Courtesy of Emily Young

Young's bucket of Halloween candy includes chocolate and healthy snacks.

It's not Halloween unless you decorate your room and have a bucket of candy in your apartment. You never know when you’ll get a Trick or Treater at your door. Check out my view of LA's 110 Freeway.

Courtesy of Emily Young

Young dares trick or treaters to stop by her apartment for candy.

Last week, the athletic department put on a pumpkin-carving contest for the student-athletes. First, we had to draw our designs onto the pumpkins. Then, we hollowed them out and carved them out. Oh, yeah. We also enjoyed a cupcake or two. I think we did a pretty good job on our pumpkins. What do you say?

Courtesy of Emily Young

USC held a pumpkin carving contest for its student-athletes.

Hope everyone out there has a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Fight On!