Halloween fun precedes focus on tournament

Courtesy of Micaela Capell

The winning costumes of the day's festivities were the Mario Kart getups worn by Erin Dees, Nichole Downing, Amanda Frisbie and Michelle Cruz.

Courtesy of Micaela Capelle

Devlyn Jeter, Sara Bindl and Haylee DeGrood dressed up as the Spice Girls and hosted a dance party in their dorm room.

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year and, no, I don’t mean Christmas; it’s playoff time! In preparation for our first playoff game our team has been busy with school, soccer and most important, creating the perfect costumes and entertainment for our annual House Tour spectacular.

Every fall during official visit weekend here at Portland, each dorm and house dresses up and decorates their living space with a theme. This year was one of the most creative and funniest to date.

We started the tour in front of Mehling Hall (the seven story, all-female dorm on campus) where freshmen defender Shelby Vaver and freshmen midfielder Noelle LaPrevotte live. The duo was dressed as nerds sporting big glasses and suspenders. Their room was decorated in study materials and books, showing their true geeky spirit.

Corrado was the next dorm where freshman midfielder Devlyn Jeter (DJ), freshman defender Sara Bindl and Haylee DeGrood were dressed as three of the Spice Girls. DJ was Scary Spice, Haylee was Sporty Spice and Bindl was a perfect Baby Spice with her hair in pigtails. Their entertainment involved a Spice Girls song playing in their room followed by a team dance party.

Next we headed to the final dorm, Fields Hall. Sophomore midfielder Bekah Kurle and sophomore defender Lorielle McCluskie were dressed as Kevin (the bird) and Russell (the boy scout) from the Disney movie, “Up.” Lorielle lost a few balloons along the house tour trail but both their costumes portrayed the characters perfectly.

Courtesy of Micaela Capelle

Bekah Kurle and Lorielle McCluskie dressed up as characters from "Up."

After visiting the first floor, we moved to the second floor for a sweet suite view where goalkeepers Erin Dees and Nichole Downing live with junior forward Amanda Frisbie and junior midfielder Michelle Cruz. These costumes were my favorite, as they were dressed as the Mario Kart characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. With hats/tiaras, cardboard cars, and most important, mustaches, the quartet’s costumes were executed perfectly.

We then moved from the on-campus dorms to the off-campus houses. First was my house, where junior forward Kaila Cameli, senior defender Kendall Johnson and roommate Molly Klier live with me. We dressed as swaggerchauns, leprechauns with swag. Wearing green vests and looking very swaggerchaunish, we provided what I thought was the best entertainment offered by the players. When the team arrived we had them search our house for a pot of gold, which happened to be Molly dressed all in gold. After that we provided the team with a video of us, which Kendall wrote, produced and edited.

The other off-campus house, conveniently right across the street, had the second-best costumes. Our team is obsessed with the TV show “The Voice.” The four housemates dressed up as judges from the show. Junior midfielder Ellen Parker was Adam Levine, tattoos and all. Junior defender Sarah Bridges wore a blonde wig to look like Christina Aguilera. Sophomore forward Emily Sippel wore her dad’s cowboy boots to execute Blake Shelton and, last but definitely not least, senior defender Taylor Brooke dressed as Cee Lo Green. Taylor was almost unrecognizable in her sweat suit and bald cap.

Courtesy of Micaela Capelle

Micaela Capelle and her roommates dressed up as "swaggerchauns," or leprechauns with swag and sent teammates on a search for a pot-o-gold, aka, their roommate.

Each dorm and house had excellent costumes this year, but none could top our trainer Greg Waltner’s (Gergs) costume and entertainment. Gergs was initiated into the tradition this year, so he knew he had to keep up. Showing up in a “dream boy” brown wig with a suit and microphone was just the beginning. When we arrived at Gergs’ house he had a game show of “Battle of the Vans.” A lot of thought and detail went into the idea and Gergs definitely took the cake for most fun on the house tour.

Overall this year’s house tour was a success and each of us dedicated time and effort into making it a great event. Although we had a lot of fun with it, we went into this week focused on our first playoff game Friday night. We host the Washington State Cougars on Merlo Field and we are ready and excited for what the postseason will bring. Although you won’t see us in our costumes this Friday night, we will surely put on one heck of a show.