We’re ready to rock, are you?

Don Feria/ISI Photo

Nneka's final game is a lasting memory, but a new journey is about to begin for Stanford women's hoops.

It has been 221 days since my last game, yet I still remember it clearly. I was on the bench because I had fouled out (Brittney tends to have that effect, I say jokingly). There were a few minutes left on the clock. My sister, Nneka, had done all she could to put us in a position to win, but the game was out of our control.

As Coach Tara called for Nneka to get subbed out, she began to realize that this was it, she would never wear the Stanford uniform again.

I will never forget it. As she made her way to the sideline, all of the fans in the Pepsi Center rose from their seats and gave her a standing ovation: UConn, Notre Dame, Baylor and our beloved Stanford fans alike.

In that moment, it was way more than a game. We were a family, a family that loves basketball and the women that play it. She made her way down the bench and tears started coming down her face.

I felt bombarded with emotions. People that know me know that I hate crying, and during her entire senior year, I always made fun of Nneka for how emotional she had been getting.

When she finally got to me, my only concern was to make sure she was okay. I told her to look around. "Look at what you have done, look how far we have come. Nneka, you are my Player of the Year. You're such a gangster! There will never be another you. This is only the beginning."

Again, it's that time. Right now as you are reading this, basketball players around the country are suiting up, getting ready to play their first games of the year. Finally offseason is over!

But wait, what's offseason? We have all been working constantly and tirelessly to better our game, rebuild our teams and chase our dreams. We are ready. So I'm asking you, "Are you ready?"

We need you to be with us on our journey! But above all, past wins and losses, it’s the memories we share that will last forever. Even though Nneka graduated, We Are Family, and I got my Stanford sisters with me. Legggo Stanford women’s basketball!