The pain of losing vs. the joy of playing

Spend a day in the life of USC volleyball player Emily Young.

Our trip to Texas didn’t go quite the way we wanted it to, but you can’t keep us down. Ending a season on a loss is rough for any team. Somewhere within losing a few points in a game you can't control, you lose seniors, the game itself, and the glory that comes with getting a win.

With that, a strange emotion overrides you. It feels like the deepest pains of disappointment that you could not accomplish the one thing you set out to achieve: winning a national championship. The difference between a fan and a player is that we get to do something about this feeling. You box up that emotion and call it: "I am never going to lose again."

After our match, when we got settled back into our hotel, I got straight to running on the treadmill. Our team has been in, individually lifting weights, every day this week. We’ll be back, and even stronger, next year.

So if for every team, the season ends in some kind of disappointment, why do we do it? Why play?

Recently, I got the chance to shoot a video for the USC Trojan athletic senate about a day in the life of an athlete. This video was shown at a banquet for athletes and a group of teachers and I think it effectively sums up why I play. It’s not just a day in my life; it’s a day in THE life. I have a remarkable and amazing world here at USC that volleyball has opened the door to. I'm glad I get to share a little bit in this video with you. Enjoy!!