We live for the moments we share

Courtesy Tinkle family

The hoops-playing Tinkle family -- from left, mother Lisa, Elle, Tres, Joslyn and father Wayne -- is enjoying a special Stanford-Gonzaga rivalry.

As people have come to know, I have a big sister: Nneka. And she is pretty awesome, WNBA Rookie of the Year status and all. Yes, I'm super proud. As you might also know, I have two younger sisters as well: Olivia and Erica. They are rocking high school right now and are rising basketball and volleyball players at Cy-Woods High School back home in Cypress, Texas.

But what you all don't know is that I have a twin: Joslyn Tinkle.

Joslyn is a senior forward on our team from Missoula, Mont. I always joke that Jos is my twin because we just are kindred spirits -- outgoing, competitive, a touch of crazy, yet grounded by a desire to excel.

Over the past few years, our team has embraced all aspects of a sisterhood. We may fight in practice. We may vie for each other’s positions. But above all, we are family. Our struggles make us close and motivate us to play hard for no one else but each other.

Of course, Joslyn has a family, and a stellar one to say the least. In my eyes the Tinkle family is the First Family of Montana. Her parents, Wayne and Lisa, played at the University of Montana, where Coach Wayne is now the men’s head basketball coach. Joslyn has two siblings: Elle, a freshman basketball player at Gonzaga, and Tres, a swaggy high schooler with killer basketball skills as well.

But things got really interesting for the Tinkles on Dec. 2.

We played at Gonzaga that day (Joslyn vs. Elle), a beautiful rivalry for the Tinkle family, and I'd go so far to say the entire state of Montana! Joslyn and her crew took on Elle's, and I'm happy to say we ended on the victorious end of the duel.

During the national anthem I almost had to whack Jos for getting teary eyed so close to game time. But with all seriousness, it was truly a special moment. For everyone that thinks only wins matter, don't be naive. We live for memories such as these. We live for the moments we share with each other, as teammates, as sisters.

Peace and love!