Finals are upon us

Courtesy of Emily Young

Emily Young helped USC to the NCAA volleyball regional final, but fell just short of the final four.

It's finals week here on campus, and I have heard of some interesting rituals from drinking a bottle of Smart Water before each test to all-night cramming coffee tactics. Then, there's studying to Harry Potter music to make you feel wizardly. I thought to myself, "“wow, these people are insane!" Then, as I was writing this, I realized, I am among them.

Emily's study tactics:

1. Start the studying process, ASAP. The short-term memory has its limits.

2. Gather all pertinent information and make a study guide. Color-code the different sections just to make yourself feel like it's important. If your teacher gives you a study guide, even better!

Courtesy of Emily Young

Emily Young procrastinates from studying by hosting a holiday-themed game night.

3. Whew! You have already done more than everyone else since it's not even study days, yet. Time to start a new TV series. Have any of you seen "Homeland"?

4. Stop procrastinating and use a proper method of study that resembles each test. That means lots of practice problems for that accounting final.

5. Study days are finally here! No school and no volleyball. Did you really think I would be studying?

6. A few hours later ... what do I do without school and volleyball? Sigh ... I'll study.

7. Make a schedule to prioritize your time for each test and maintain your knowledge base.

8. Take a final.

9. Throw an Apples to Apples party on Friday. No one has finals over the next two days, anyway.

10. Convince yourself you're studying when you're actually just flipping notecards.

11. Don't stress about finals. Go to Disneyland. You've earned it -- but take your notecards.

12. It's officially short-term memory time. No, no it's not.

13. Write a blog.

14. Test day! Lay out your sweats: Comfy and confident. Now go ace that test.

With finals on the brain and procrastinating at hand, I've had a bit of time to reflect about the semester. I really did enjoy my classes this fall, and I am excited for next semester. I'll be taking two fun extracurricular classes (sailing and golf) to go along with my four business courses.

Volleyball-wise, though we fell a bit short of our ultimate goal, we had a phenomenal season. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to work and ready for 2013. Writing this blog was also an amazing highlight to my sophomore season on campus. I've enjoyed sharing a little bit of my life (and the lives of my teammates) with my readers out there.

On top of all of that, I've had plenty of good times with my apartment roommates, teammates and friends. But as they say, there is no place like home for the holidays. When my exams are done, I'll be on a plane out to Schaumburg, Ill., to spend a couple of weeks at home, sweet home.

To all of you who might be taking finals, I wish you the best of luck. Happy holidays to everyone, and I'll see you all in the New Year. Fight on