Lingerie Football League looks for credibility

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

The Lingerie Football League will be rebranded as the Legends Football League, trading in its lace for activewear.

Turns out the lingerie was just getting in the way.

The former Lingerie Football League is changing its name, logo and requirement that all the women on a team play football in what amounts to a bikini with shoulder pads. This is a monumental change for a league that had an “accidental nudity” clause reportedly written into its player contracts.

Imagine if fondue wanted to end its association with melted cheese.

When you take away the gimmick -- Chicks in underpants! Accidental nudity! Girls Girls! Girls! -- what is left?

There is already a tackle football league for women. They wear full pads, helmets, mouth guards. And when they do their hair before the game, it’s for functionality.

I covered the Women’s Football Alliance championship game last August at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Those women weren’t worried about how glam they were; it was about putting the most competitive product on the field. If those linebackers had come across a bikini model at running back, let’s just say it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

But it looks like the LFL is trying to change focus. In an announcement on its website, the league said it be called the Legends Football League. It will replace the lace with performance wear. It’s even changing its tagline from “True Fantasy Football” to “Women of the Gridiron.”

It’s an interesting transition. What will distinguish the Legends from other women’s tackle leagues? Can jello wrestling or exotic dancing ever go straight? Will the league keep its audience when its players are dressed?

The good news for anyone mourning the passing of the LFL’s original “mission”? The Bikini Basketball Association is scouring the nation for “sexy, athletic ladies” as I write.