NFL combine: Where's the women's voice?

AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Women could add a valuable voice to the evaluation process at the NFL scouting combine.

The NFL scouting combine opens Saturday in Indianapolis, and more than 300 top prospects will showcase their skills and be evaluated ahead of the April NFL Draft. The combine is and always has been an old boys' club. Currently, there are zero women working in full-time scouting positions, despite the fact that about 50 percent of the American workforce and 44 percent of the league's fan base is female. Recent studies suggest that the NFL draft process has its fair share of flaws because scouts (men) tend to fall into groupthink, evaluate in absolutes and value decisiveness and risk. Seems like the scouting process needs a woman's perspective -- independent input, big-picture outlook, context evaluation, balance of talent and personality and consideration of individual and team goals. A woman's intuition might be the difference between a top pick becoming a flop pick.

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