Tourney road doesn't scare Delle Donne

I woke up this morning thrilled after the day my teammates and I had together yesterday. Making history by being the first CAA champs at Delaware was everything we were hoping for, and we couldn't have been more excited. As the day progressed, I tried to take in everything that was ahead of us for tonight's show. I talked to my brother a lot about where we might end up because he does so much research on bracketology. His predictions were actually incorrect, but he did pick us as a No. 3 seed, so I wasn't too shocked to end up where we did.

Overall, it was just a really exciting day. When we were sitting there watching the show, everybody's hearts were pounding. We were all looking at each other as if it were hard to breathe because all we wanted to do was see where we were going to end up. We're very happy with where we are [Delaware opens against Arkansas-Little Rock on Sunday] and excited to get going now.

I've never been to Arkansas before, but I'm ready to head down there with my teammates. We've had a lot of road games and played in a tough atmosphere all season long. Obviously, the CAA is a very tough conference to play in, and we've had some difficult road games playing against teams like JMU and Drexel. I definitely think this team is ready to play on the road and face whatever challenges come our way.

Right when we got our seed, our coaches started pulling up stats and information on the other team, so I know they are getting ready and getting their game plan together. We get one more day off tomorrow, and then it’s back at the gym and time to prepare. I am looking forward to all that's ahead and hope to see some of our awesome Blue Hen fans down there with us!