Bust a move

AP Photo/George Nikitin

Chiney Ogwumike, left, and Stanford teammate Joslyn Tinkle love to dance.

The tourney is in full madness mode! No lead is safe. No team is out until that final buzzer sounds. We were so fortunate to play at home in Maples for the first two rounds -- and does Nerd Nation go hard! Our first game was competitive, large credit to Tulsa, but we bounced back and were really proud of our team effort against Michigan.

Now, we are ready to face Georgia in the Sweet 16! The teams that survive are the ones that dive on the floor, attack the basket, and stay tough and together. Each ensuing game is an emotional summation of your entire season: blood, sweat and tears all bottled up in 40 minutes on the hardwood. When there is so much pressure, how do you keep your composure as a team? We dance.

After our Nerd City video, our fans expected a sequel. It is hard to come up with a quality video without being inspired, but that changed the day Miley Cyrus came out with her twerk video. Jos and I always love dancing, along with our team. Since our Nerd City video focused on witty lyrics, we wanted to showcase something else ... hope y'all enjoy! Oh and yes, we are nerds that can bust a move.

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