Sailing away with Emily Young

USC Sports Information

Emily Young took her turn steering and calculating three-point bearings to determine if the boat was on course.

Yes, this is for a class. I’m currently enrolled in a sailing class at USC called Deepwater Cruising. During the first half of spring semester, we’ve had class every week where we learn about different vessels, sailing history and the rules of water traffic. In addition to class, we spent a Saturday taking part in a dockside demo to review all the parts of the boat to prepare for our class voyage.

My voyage was a Friday-Saturday overnight trip in which five other friends enrolled in the course and I sailed out to Catalina with our teacher, Captain Lars. We arrived at the dock around 8:30 a.m. on Friday and prepared the ship for departure, and practiced raising and lowering lines. The students also prepared to use our nautical charts and parallel rulers (no GPS allowed) to draw out the navigation for our course.

When we were ready, we set sail and all took turns steering and calculating three-point bearings to determine if we were on course. We docked in Catalina, where we ate dinner and spent the night on the boat. We even brushed our teeth on deck!

The next morning, we had breakfast on the boat prepared by Captain Lars in our onboard oven. We learned about sonar and the shortcomings of navigating only by GPS since it does not show buoys, reefs, and will even cut over land, and then we sailed back to the port of Los Angeles, where we were all sad to leave the port. It was a remarkable voyage, both physically and emotionally.

A Soul at Sea

I looked longingly at the horizon
The wind strong at my face
The waves simply dancing
Keeping a rocking pace

The sun reflects off the water
Giving the world its glow
Sure, sailing takes work
But it’s the best way to go

The wood cuts through the water
Keeping us all afloat
The Atlantis, rich in history
What a majestic boat!

A connection to those before us
Who sailed only among the stars
So small in an endless ocean
Talking about who we are

If each boat had a soul
Surely the Atlantis had touched mine
I felt tranquil, at peace
Parting with troubles of time

And when we docked at port
My friends at my side
I looked back at the Atlantis
Leaving adventure behind