Feeling at home on the road

Courtesy of Emily Young

The team kicked back on the road by visiting Natalie Hagglund's family, even taking over their hot tub.

We've finally reached the point in our spring season where we scrimmage other teams. While much of the spring focuses on individual and team development, now we finally get to some competition outside of our own gym.

Courtesy of Emily Young

The team enjoyed a home-cooked meal from the Hagglunds, including the family's famous cookies.

Our team has a spring tournament every weekend in the month of April. This is where we get to play local teams that are not part of the Pac-12 to experiment with different lineups and plays and to add depth to our team.

This weekend, we went down to University of San Diego where we played the Toreros, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara. Since the tournament was on Saturday in San Diego, the Hagglund family invited us into their home for dinner on Friday night.

It is no secret where Natalie gets her personality. Her family is so vivacious, caring and fun-loving. When we arrived at their home in Encinitas, we were all greeted with open arms, and the jokes lasted until there were permanent smiles on all of our faces. We shared stories in their hot tub and were particularly entertained by the infamous stories of Natalie's gammy. What a hoot!

By dinnertime, we were having so much fun we could hardly contain ourselves. We probably ate about as much as we laughed and that's a lot. The Hagglund family prepared a wonderful home-cooked meal that included salad, steak, chicken, baked potatoes and their famous family cookies. Full and happy, all the accouterments of home were the perfect way to start our weekend.