I hope you'll get to know Korean golfers

Courtesy I.K. Kim

I.K. Kim doesn't like the gym, so she turns to baseball, boxing and soccer for her fitness regimen.

Sometimes I think American golf fans struggle to follow Korean players because they don’t know enough about us. I want to use this blog to help you understand more about me and some of my Korean friends on the LPGA Tour.

So many of us are the same age, and we have been playing against each other since we were around 10 years old. Many people think because we have similar names we are all related, but that is not true. We do feel like sisters, and we all know each other so well. People often think we are quiet, but really we are not.

Last week, I played with Na Yeon Choi in Hawaii, and she was telling me about a famous magician in Korea named Boa whom she met the week after the Kraft Nabisco. She was so happy!

Did you know that Jiyai Shin really loves to do hip-hop dancing? I probably shouldn’t have told you that, but oh well! I don’t know how she does it.

Inbee Park is currently the top-ranked player in the world. She is definitely the quiet one of all the Korean players, but I have seen her have a lot of fun away from the golf course.

As far as me, I really like to play catch with a baseball and I just started to do some boxing. I love watching Premier League soccer. During tournament weeks, we have a lot of downtime before and after our rounds, so I like to stay busy. I can't sit around and do nothing. I would rather play a game or read a book. Last year, I read the entire Hunger Games series. This year, I am really excited to see “Ironman 3.”

Recently, I started to get into a consistent fitness program, and I started with baseball, boxing and even some soccer because I don’t like to go to the gym. I am really into music, but strangely, I don’t listen to it when I am exercising or practicing even though most players do.

This year, I would love to go see Coldplay or Maroon 5 live in concert. I have seen John Mayer live in Chicago, and it was awesome. My favorite singer is Paul McCartney and he is touring this year, but his concerts are always when I am playing a tournament. My friend in Vienna, Austria, just told me Sir Paul is playing there in June, but I can’t go because I have so many tournaments to play. I really love the song “Blackbird,” and I learned how to play it on my guitar a few years ago.

For my birthday in June, I want to go see a Dodgers game in LA. They have a new Korean pitcher named Ryu Hyun-Jin whom I would love to watch and cheer for. Mostly, I follow the San Diego Padres because I live in that area. They need to scout some Korean players so I can really start following them closely! My birthday is always the week of the men’s U.S. Open, so I almost always have that week off.

I am excited for the rest of the 2013 LPGA season, and I hope you will cheer for me at the next tournament. Please say hello and let me know if you read my blog!