This team is fearless, ready for postseason

University of Texas Athletics Photography

The regular season ended on a high as Kim Bruins hit a walk-off single for a dramatic win over Baylor.

This is my first post as an official graduate of The University of Texas! So to begin this entry, I’d like to say thanks and Hook ‘Em.

We wrapped up our conference season Sunday with a win over Baylor in the ninth inning on a very emotional Senior Day. I think I can speak for all the seniors when I say it really couldn’t have been scripted any better.

University of Texas Athletics Photography

Senior Day was emotional for the players, and each one of them delivered.

Blaire [Luna] pitched an amazing game, I hit a screaming double in the first, Torie [Schmidt] was smashing the ball everywhere and Kim [Bruins] hit a walk-off single to pull out a dramatic win against the Lady Bears. The win wasn’t even the best part, the massive dog pile after Kim’s hit was. It was a complete team effort to close out our conference season with an exciting win, and we plan on carrying that momentum into the postseason this weekend.

Speaking of postseason, Coach Clark must have been in an extra good mood after our big win, so she invited the whole team to her house for a Softball Selection Show watch party. Knowing that Coach Clark has a pool in her back yard, naturally we asked if we could swim. We all got super pumped to bring our swimsuits and come splash around and then, whomp. The timing after the game Sunday just didn’t work out.

We all arrived around 8:45, and of course, what’s a party without pizza? As soon as the pizza arrived, Coach Clark turned her softball brain off and went into immediate “Mom” mode. When Lindsey Stephens, one of our freshmen, grabbed a piece of pizza and headed for the white couch, Coach Clark yelled, “Do not, and I repeat, do not get pizza on my white couch. Or white pillows. Or white fireplace. Or anything for that matter.”

And what did Lindsey do? Grabbed a white pillow and put it in her lap as a tray for her pizza plate. We all thought Coach Clark was going to have a heart attack right in the middle of the floor!

As soon as the show started at 9 everyone’s emotions skyrocketed. The show was so suspenseful that we could barely stand it. We were the No. 4 national seed, so as soon as Michele Smith and Beth Mowins said, “And now let’s go to the Austin Regional,” you would have thought everyone’s eyes were going to pop out of their heads.

We saw that our first game was going to be against Army on Friday night. Everyone’s reaction was the same: “Let’s get it!” Then we saw Houston and South Carolina come on the screen and everyone was just like, “Let’s go!” Honestly, I think Alabama and Oklahoma could have popped up on the screen and our reaction would have been the same.

This team is fearless, relentless and ready to get this postseason started. So until next time, get your mind right, because it’s postseason time.