We're jelling at the right time

In the blink of an eye the tournament goes from 64 teams to 16. Waking up this morning as one of the teams that gets to play another day is an amazing feeling, to say the least.

It hasn't been an easy road for us this year. After winning the national championship and losing six seniors, we struggled to find our new team's identity. Through much adversity, hard work and persistence, this team has finally started to understand what it takes to win consistently. Throughout the season we had glimpses of great offense, great pitching and great defense, but we were never able to click on all cylinders. This weekend was a different story.

In the final game of the regional tournament, we played our last game of the season at Rhoads Stadium in front of one of the best crowds of the year. There is something special about the postseason, and the atmosphere in Tuscaloosa was no exception. After we came out firing against Western Kentucky and gained a good lead, the crowd was able to give the seniors standing ovations in their final at-bats at home. Emotions were high, tears were shed and it was one of the greatest moments of the year for our team.

As we say at Alabama, "We're on the incline!," driven to get better each and every game with one heartbeat. This week we will practice and then head to Knoxville to play SEC rival Tennessee on Friday night at 7 on ESPN2. Alabama-Tennessee is always a good matchup, and we can guarantee some great softball.

Roll Tide.